Ellen Gail Stack Photos

early May 1950
: Dover, NH: 10 weeks old.

late 1950: Ellen and Barbara

February 1951 in Lewiston, Maine: Ellen Stack and Barbara Stack. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1951 Fanny and Stack girls
February 1951 in Lewiston, Maine: Fanny Supovitz, Barbara Stack, Ellen Stack and Anne Stack. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1952: Ellen and Barbara

1952: On mom & dad's bed.

1952 Ellen Anne Barbara book
1952, Dover, NH: Ellen, Anne reading a book, Barbara on Ash Street in Dover, NH

February, 1953: Birthday party on Ash Street.

August, 1956: Dover: photo taken by babysitter.


December 18, 1960: 88 Horne Street, Dover, NH. Sixth night of Chanukah. B.T. Stack photo.

March, 1969: Dover, NH: Anne picked the drapes, Ellen made her skirt, and BTS took the picture.

December 25, 1977, South Houston. Wedding! Larry Gettleman photo.

July 29, 1982, Berkeley: Len, Barbara, Pavlos Daskalakis, pregnant Ellen in rear.

October 31, 1982
, Metairie: Pumpkin in the oven. Larry Gettleman photo.

August 13, 1988, New Orleans, Antoines: Ellen, mother Anne, Barbara. photo by host Larry Gettleman.

November 1990, New Orleans. B.T. Stack photo.

2002 December, Houston: Ellen and Len celebrate 25 years! B.T. Stack photo.

2002 December, Houston: Ellen and Len, together! B.T. Stack photo.

2008 Len and Ellen at Tilden Park, Berkeley, CA, overlooking the Bay. B.T. Stack photo.

April 6, 2008 Ellen and Len at Point Reyes, CA. B.T. Stack photo.

July 22, 2008: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Escadaria SelarĂ³n with artist Jorge SelarĂ³n. Niece R. photo.

July 20, 2012, Maine: Twin lobsters!

Ellen Stack, Specialized Assessment
Ellen Stack, Director, Specialized Assessment

March 24, 2013: Houston: Len Sobel and Ellen Stack's Seder. Ben Gettleman photo.

November 28, 2014: Manchester, NH, Stark Park:
L to R: Niece R, Dori Sobel, Ellen Stack. Photo by Ann Thorner

November 23, 2015: Portsmouth, NH:
L to R: Len Sobel, Steve Lewis, Randy Lewis, Ellen Stack.

December 25, 2017: Houston: Ellen and Len celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary. Jan Cehn photo.

June 18, 2018, Florence Italy: Ellen and Len are on their way to Israel for the wedding of cousins Jonathan and Meital.