After Paul Thorner's father Theodore (c. 1893-1962) died, he found a group of documents

Yehuda Leib Chshunstofsky/Leon Thorner
....Abraham Chshunstofsky Thorner b: 1865 Kikol, Poland; d: 1937 Brooklyn
........Theodore (Towia) Thorner b: 10/14/1893 Kikol Poland; d: 9/1962, NY
............Paul Thorner b: 1922 NY

Paul # Document Scan Paul's Trans English  
1 1879 Engagement (Tnoyim) Translation of Simele & Abraham Chashnastawsky X X Trans  
1 NOTES: Chshunstovsky Chshunstovsky *** חשאןסטאווסקי *** OR *** חשאן סטאווסקי        
2 1921 June Ktuba Adele Feinberg & Theodore Thorner X R X    
3 1879 Ktuba of Simele & Abraham Chashnastawsky (later rewrite after loss of original) X      
4 1883 Apartment rental to a gentile by Lieb Chshanstovski (Yiddish) A B X Trans  
4A perhaps more on birth Pinchas Roitbak X      
5 1902 Birth certificate copy of 1891 birth 1891 birth of Pinckas to Roitback Manny Pinkas and Ester Malke X X    

NOTES: Paul's mother Adele Feinberg’s family came from Odessa. Adele’s sister Dora married a Pinchas Rosenfeld.

6 1890 Rental to a gentile by Lieb Chshanstovski (Yiddish) X X Trans  
7 This may refer to the photos        
8 postcard to Tevye David from father D. Chrzastowski (Russian, Polish, and Yiddish) A B X    
9 1879 Drugstore Rx X      
10 list: Reb Moishe Jankil, Ezriel bar Gedalie Eliezer & families X X    
11 1907 Pennsylvania Manifest Hamburg to NY Leive Schanskowsky (German)   X    
12 1911 28-Day ID Card Abram Leybovich Krisonatovsky Хрисонатовский (Russian) Brzustowa to Bobrowniki X      
13 1907 Pennsylvania Manifest Hamburg to NY Leive Schankowsky        
14 1879 Russian Military Conscription Notice for Abraham Sczanskowski, Poland X X    
3A 4A 5A Hungarian cursive: a copy, translated from Russian X X    
3A 4A 5A NOTES: Cert issued by the rabbi of Odessa to prove that in the 1891 birth register of Odessa Jewish Synagogue, item number 656:
on 22 of April 1891 citizen Many Pinkaszovics Roitbak and his wife Eszter Malka a baby boy was born
who was circumcised on 24th April and got the Pinkasz name.
3A 4A 5A NOTES: Paul's mother Adele Feinberg’s family came from Odessa. Adele’s sister Dora married a Pinchas Rosenfeld.        
B1A & B2 Russian Cursive Document needing translation X      

Morris Horowitz
father of Paul's wife Edith Horowitz

Paul Thorner Collected Stories



Paul Thorner Document No. One 1879 Tnoyim (Engagement Contract) of Shmala with Avraham

With praise and prayers to G=d, herewith are the conditions and agreements between the following two sides:

One side, Rabbi Yehusah Leib Chashnastawsky,
from the Village Bridna,
who presents his intelligent son Avraham, and,
the other side, Rabbi Yitschak Fiks,
from the town Kikal,
who represents his daughter, the virgin, Shmala.
Shmala was accurately informed, and she said "YES!"
The groom, the Boy, Avraham, will marry, with good luck, the bride, the virgin, Shmala, in accordance the Laws of Moses and Yisrael.
There should never be any division between them. They should share equally all of their belongings, and they should live together in love and in perfect harmony.
Rabbi Yehuda Leib, mentioned above, obliged himself to give to his son Avraham one=thousand golden rubel,
in cash, and fifty golden rubel to the bride, to buy clothing.
Rabbi Yitschak Fiks, mentioned above, obliged himself to give his daughter the bride, one=thousand golden
rubel, cash, and one=hundred=and=fifty golden rubel, to buy presents, and a wardrobe for the bride; also an apartment for two years for the couple, after their' marriage.
The wedding should be held, with the help of G=d, th Fifteenth of the month Av of the present year.

======continued on page 2 =========

Anyone of the two engaged sides, either by the groom or by the bride, that will break the contract, G=d forbid, should pay a fine of half the dowery to the other side that prefers to keep and observe the contract.
The Tnoyim were written and signed on Wednesday, the Seventeenth of the Month Adar, 5-6'3 9 (March, 1879),
The bride and groom, and their parents signed the contract.
Also two witnessess, definitely non=relatives, total strangers, also signed the Tnoyim.
To grant the Tnoyim more ~moral strength and dignity, a few other relatives and friends from both sides, signed
the Tnoyim.
====/ / / /====
Regretable, a few names of people, villages and towns, aren't clear; they are twisted and blurred like untraceable
signature. I hope, a relative or friend of them, will correct it.


1883 Rental to Fitzki by Lieb Chshanstovsky Paul Thorner Doc 4


I Leib Chshanstovsky rented an Hamarno apartment to the gentile Karol Fitzki. Hamarno is located between Brizne, together with all the furniture and courtyards, the apartment will belong to him every Friday & Saturday until the first of Lipiec. Every Friday I have to give him the keys of all the rooms. He will pay me one fourth of the monthly pay about 150 Rubble.

Signed by
Leib Chshanstovsky
In Berizize
19 Sivan 5643
June 1883


1890 rental by Lieb Chshanstovski Paul Thorner Doc 06
Yiddish language

Document No.     ---- page 4 -------

My own, and only signature, below, should be equvialent as two honest
And trustworthy wittneeses.

I, signed below., leased to the non=Jew, Karl Kitzka, the Inn, which I
myself leased from Sir Neiyemsky, for two years, according a contract
I have.

The Inn is located on the Brizna (?) Village.
Leasing the Inn, included also the yards, and all of the . furniture
and instruments.

I leased the Inn to the non=Jew, mentioned above, for one=quarter of days
of each month, for the sum of 150 rubel. However, I will have to pay for
wood, oil, and all other expensses.

I definitly clarified to the non=Jew that the fourth of days of each month
belonging to him, should not be taken on one time. Instead, on each week he
should have the Inn for two days: on Friday and Saturday.

He gave me a deposit of =20=k (?), and for the balance I granted him a
Loan until the time when the Inn will belong completely to me, on the First
of Lipyez (?), 5653 (1893).

He also agreed that all the conditions I signed with Sir Neiyemsky,
posisive or negative, should be valid as a legal contract.

I gave him the keys to all the rooms, to keep as long the contract
will be valid.

We also agreed, that I have the legal right to inspect the Inn

I wrote and signed the contract with my own free will, under no force or
persuation, on the Fourth Day of the Week, Seven Thishre, 5650
september, 1890), here, Brizna.