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Stackowitz Family from Warsaw (Isaac 1910 Manifest) and Nowy Dwor Mazowiecka (Hyman WWII Draft Reg)

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Nowy Dwor: Stasiovicz, Stasjevicz, Staszjevicz Стасіовичь
Chaim Staschewitz 
UK, US: Stuchowitz or Stochervitch or Stasowsky or Stasewich or Stasowich or Stacawich or Stachowitz or Stackowitz

Children of
Mathew Mattias Matityahu Nisan HaLevi Stasiovich b: Bet. 1846 – 1853
+Sarah Sura Krajna Krydl Zlotnicka b: Bet. 1846 - 1853 m: 17 Aug 1871 in Nowy Dwor, Poland

Chana Dvora Stasiovich
Hyman Stasiovich Stachowitz
Benjamin Stasiovich Stachowitz
Joseph Stachowitz
6/15/1875, Warsaw, Poland
came to US 8/30/1906
11/17/1876, Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland
4/12/1888, Nowy Dwor, Maz, Poland
came to US 8/9/1907
8/12/1894, Warsaw, Poland
photo circa 1941
photo circa 1915


9/22/1948, Lewiston, Maine, USA
September, 1965, New York
July, 1957, New York


Dorothy Stachowitz
Claire Stachowitz
b: 26 Mar 1895, Warsaw, Poland
2/24/1916, NY
1929, NY
Bella Stachowitz
Melvin Stachowitz
01 Oct 1898, London, UK
c 1919, NY
1934, NY
Ruth Stachowitz
12 Oct 1901, London, UK
c 1922, NY
Jack Morris Stackowitz
24 Oct 1903, London, UK
Isadore Stackowitz Stack
17 Jan 1910, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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