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The chidren of Isaac Yecht and Resnick sisters Anya and Rosa

Dearest Rachel, by Joseph Chandler:

The Filler family, going back to the parents of my great grandfather, and for whom I was named, had, among other children, three sons. At that particular time in history in the last half of the nineteenth century, the Czar of Russia, under which the Filler family lived in a town in Poland/Russia called Kowel, would induct to the army all sons in a family except the oldest. For that reason, two of the three sons were "farmed out" to families without sons and those two took the family names of the families with whom they lived. That is how we have one Filler strain named Robinson and another named Yecht, but the three were true brothers.

I have heard of an alternate "story" about the names which cannot now be verified, but which bears consideration in the scheme of things. That "story" is that the original name was Echt (Yecht) and the name Robinson did not appear until David came to the United States. This does not seem a probable tale since it would then have two of the three sons with the same name, subjecting one to the Czar's draft, a circumstance which did not occur. The name Robinson is alleged to have come about when David came to the United States and wanted his name changed legally. He was before a judge and when asked by the judge what name he wanted, David asked the judge for the judge's name. On finding out it was Robinson he is purported to have said that "If it is good enough for you, it's good enough for me!"

David was quite strong-willed and expected his children to act in a proper and Jewish manner. One story that Irving Robinson related to me was of David’s view of the keeping of the Sabbath. It seems that David’s son, Sam, had taken a job which required him to work on Saturday. David told Sam he could not live in the house and would have to leave if he would work on Saturday. Another aid in understanding the relationships was the custom under Jewish “law” for men whose wives had died to marry unmarried sisters of the deceased wife.


...Toybe, one of the sisters of the three Filler brothers. We called her Meema Toybe and she was married at age 14 to Michel Schleger. He had been married once before to another sister of the three Filler brothers, Rachel (Rochel), who had burned to death. They lived in the town of L'Katsch. (These names are spelled phonetically and may actually have been spelled differently.) I was told that Rochel and Toybe were half sisters, but I haven't yet determined where the "half" came in.


You have to know that the families, Filler/Robinson, were large families, especially in the generation starting with the three brothers their immediate offspring, and the "in law" families with whom they became associated. Besides the three original brothers, they had a sister, Malka Simmah, who married a Mordechai Schiff, and their daughter Bessie married Yossef Hirsch Nelson, the son of Malka's sister, Rochel (Michel Schleger's first wife). His mother was one of the Filler/Robinson sisters and she died in a fire. Rochel's child, Rivka, and her entire family of husband and their two children and their families of five and six people, respectively, were killed by the Nazis. One of Rochel's daughters, Chana (Anna), was married to the Rabbi Moshe Rokeach and they have an extensive family in the New York area. A sister of Chana's was named Pesse and she was the matriarch of our cousins, the Cook family. The last sister of the original Filler and Robinson triumvirate was Fayga (Francis is one translation). She married a Nachman Wolf Ca(h)n and became the matriarch of the Cohen family of cousins.

Sunday, Aug 19, 2018, email from Ann Baumrind to Barbara Stack, cited with Ann's permission:
My mother always remembered her step grandmother with deep affection and referred to her as her grandmother to outsiders.  My mother and her sisters called her “Bubbeh”, as Toby expected.  My mother always said that Toby worshipped the ground our great grandfather walked on, even though he was much older than she was.  She was an exceptional woman, as I’m sure you know!

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In the old country their name was Yecht (9 seconds) Bessie Robinson Loeb Bondy on YouTube

Son of Isaac Yecht & sister Resnick
Son of Isaac Yecht & Anya or Rosa Resnick
Daughter of Isaac Yecht & Anyeh Resnick
Daughter of Isaac Yecht & Anyeh Resnick (?)
Daughter of Isaac Yecht & Anyeh Resnick
Daughter of Isaac Yecht & Anyeh Resnick
Daughter of Isaac Yecht & Anyeh Resnick
Joseph Yosel Filler
David Robinson
Fayga Yecht + Nachman Wolf Cahn
Rochel Leah Yecht + Avram Michel Schleger
Malkah Simma Yecht + Mordechai Mendel Schiff
Toby Yecht + Avram Michel Schleger
Anne Yecht
b: 5/5/1851 Lokacze, Ukraine
arr. US 1892
d: 7/21/1918 Portland, Maine
b: 1850 - 1860
b: circa 1860 - 1870

1863 - 1868 Lokacze, Ukraine
Arr US 1921
11/4/1932 Maine

David Robinson
Toby Yecht Nelson
David Robinson stone
Smith Street Cemetery
Smith Street Cemetery
Smith Street Cemetery
Zvi Hirsch (Harry) (Yecht) Filler
Max Robinson
Bernard Cohen
Bessie Pes Miriam Nelson Cook
Bentzele Schiff
Max Nelson
B: c 1856, Kissilin
b: 12/25/1871, Kovel
d: 10/2/1938
b: 12/24/1873, Lokacze, Ukraine
d: 1958, Bangor, Maine
b: 10/30/1869 Russia
b: 5/15/1880, Russia
came to US 1899-1900
Bernard Cohen
Max Nelson
1912 circa


CHILDREN with Yetta (Ethel) Baer
Rosse Filler Waze
Rose Robinson Abrahamson
Herman Cohen
Joseph Zvi Hirsch Schlager Nelson
Bessie Schiff Nelson
Esther Schacter Kates
b: c1874
d: 3/18/1936
b: c1875
b: 8/15/1876, Russia
came to US 11/26/1904
b: c 1883
died 11/16/1960, Portland, Maine
b: 1881, Russia
came to US 1900
Esther Katz
circa 1911
Raiza Filler Roziska
Abraham Robinson
David Cohen
Rifka Shlager
Rose Nelson Robinson
b: c 1/1876, Russia
d: 8/1/1942
b: c1879
b: 7/22/1887, Lokacze, Ukraine
came to US 1900
Rose Nelson Robinson
circa 1912
Odas/Hodas/Hoodis Filler Siegal
Morris Robinson
Max Cohen
Chana Shlager Rokeach
Rebecca Schlager Nelson Thorner
b: c 1868
b: 1/15/1879, Kovel
d: 1947
b: c1882
b: circa 1870, Ukraine
b: 1891, Lokacze, Ukraine
came to US 1906
Rebecca Schlager Nelson Thorner
circa 1911
Beryl/Benjamin Filler
Jacob "Jake" Robinson
Etta Devora Nelson Chase
b: 2/15/1880, Kovel
d: 7/14/1944, Portland, Maine
b: 4/5/1893, Lokacze, Ukraine
came to US 1913
Beryl Filler
Etta Schlager Nelson Chase
c 1912
1924 photo
Pinchas Filler
Ida Robinson Kumin
Sarah Nelson Schwartz Cook
10/1883 Russia
8/4/1961, Massachusetts
b: 10/6/1900, Lokacze, Ukraine
came to US 1921
Sarah Nelson Cook
1959 photo
Hyman Robinson
Enya (Annie) Schlager
Samuel Dovidov Robinson
Yitzchak Schlager
Benjamin Isaac Robinson
Benjamin Isaac Robinson

September 24, 1924, Portland, Maine: Tobie Nelson Marriage: Daughter of Isaac Robinson
1924 Tobie Nelson Sacknoff Marriage
September 24, 1924, Portland, Maine: Tobie Nelson Marriage: Daughter of Isaac Robinson and Anna Resnick

This is my best attempt to show the interrelationships of the families on my mother's mother's side: Yecht, Robinson, Schlager, Nelson, Chandler, Cook, and Filler.
This is, of course, based on the work of Joe Chandler. New update 7/4/2017!
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