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Abram Zvi Hirsch Kruk Cook, born August 1871 Wolin, Russia; died: October 7, 1935, Portland, Maine.
Michael Cook Collection.

Bessie Pesha Miriam Nelson born October 30, 1869; died October 30, 1919, Sanford, Maine.
Michael Cook Collection.

1922 circa Sylvia Cook young girl
circa 1922 Sylvia Cook. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

Nelson and Thorner women
June, 1924, probably at Old Orchard Beach, Maine. From Anne Thorner Stack's collection.
Becky Nelson Thorner • Etta Nelson Chase • Rose Nelson Robinson
mystery person
Anna Thorner Glaser (a redhead) • Minnie Marcus Cook

1928 March 8 Burton Cook Sanford Maine
March 8, 1928: Sanford Maine: Burton Cook. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

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circa 1929, Maine: Front L to R: Sylvia Cook, Rose Nelson Robinson, Mystery woman, Becky Nelson Thorner, Minnie Marcus Cook, Mel Thorner.
Rear, L to R: Mystery man, Irving Thorner, Ann Robinson Leman. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

November 5, 1933: Anne Thorner Diary

December 2, 1933: Anne Thorner Diary Cooks

April 24, 1934: Anne Thorner Diary: Minnie's sister & daughter visit
I believe that would have been Rose Marcus Baumstein and her daughter Sadie, who married Sam 6/3/1936.
This is probably when Anne and Sadie met.

May 21, 1934: Anne Thorner Diary. Niece = Sadie

August 21, 1935: Anne Thorner Diary: Bob Cook, age 29; Anne, age 19. Celia is Anne's friend Celia Stern.

October 8, 1935: Anne Thorner Diary: Abram Cook's Funeral

July 5, 1936: Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Joe Robinson, Anne Thorner, Jerry Thorner, Sylvia Cook, Mal (Melvin) Thorner, and Burton Cook
Collection of Anne Thorner Stack. Scanned and restored by Barbara Toby Stack

March 31, 1937: Anne Thorner Diary: Barbara Phyllis Cook Birth

April 25, 1937: Anne Thorner Diary: Sadie's lovely baby

1938: 74 Mason Street, Biddeford, Maine: Back L to R: Irving Thorner, Minnie Cook, Becky Thorner, Anne Thorner, Sylvia Cook, Abe Thorner
Front: Maurice Cook, Burton Cook, George Cook. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1938: Biddeford, Maine: L to R: Irving Thorner, Burton Cook, George Cook, Lou Kates, Maurice Cook. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1942: Biddeford, ME: Mel Thorner (note moccasins), Anne Thorner, Molly Landes Cook

about 1942: L to R: Barbara Cook, Alan Cook, Margery Cook, and Sheldon Cook. Barbara Cook Dworsky collection.

Cooks and Stacks
Late 1940s: Left to R: mystery man, Jack and Molly Cook, Sam and Sadie Cook, Izzy and Anne Stack, mystery woman. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

February 1948: Dover, NH: Molly Cook, Susan Cook, Barbara Stack, Anne Stack. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

Irving Thorner Wedding
May 9, 1948, Bradford Hotel, Boston--- Irving and Bertha Thorner Wedding. Anne Thorner Stack collection.
Burton Cook • Sylvia Cook • Sam Cook • Max Cook • Rose Robinson • Izzy Stack • Mel Thorner • Anne Stack • Etta Chase • Micky Schwartz • Maurice Cook
Jack Cook • Molly Cook • Sadie Cook • Sarah Cook • Dorothy and Bob Cook • Annette Cook • Mike Weber • Molly Schwartz

circa 1950, Dover, NH
: L to R: Margery Cook, Susan Cook, Alan Cook, baby, probably Nancy or Debby Pindrus, Barbara Cook, Michael Cook, either Butch Sevigny or Steve King, and Janey Pindrus. Susan Cook collection. (posted 12/20/2013)

1950s: Max Cook. Molly Cinamon collection.

Eddie Miroff Bar Mizvah, Portland 1956
circa 1956, Eddie Miroff Bar Mitzvah: From left top row: Dave Kates, Hazel Brenneman, David Finkelman,
Tela Millman, Jerry & Lois Chase, Dave & Dottie Millman, Joe Robinson, Irving & Esther Robinson
From left middle row: Anne Stairman (daughter of Joseph Nelson), Dick & Jan Chase, son of Hazel Brenneman (name unknown),
Etta Chase, Rose Chandler, Anne Robinson Leman, Molly Finkelman, Molly Cook, Rose Robinson?, Sadie & Sam Cook
Front: Irving & Bertha Thorner. Portland from collection of Molly Cinamon

1959 Biddeford Max Sarah Mel Irving
1959: Biddeford, Maine: from left: Irving Thorner, Max and Sarah Nelson Cook, Mel Thorner. photo by Barbara Stack

May 6, 1960: Dover, NH: Just before my Bat Mitzvah. With Aunt Sarah and Uncle Max.
Aunt Sarah was the youngest sister of my late maternal grandmother and very much her proxy.
I think they may have just given me a pep talk.

June 9, 1960, Essex House, Boston: L to R: Rose Marcus Baumstein, Sam and Sadie Cook, Barbara Cook, Alan Dworsky, Margery Cook, Alan Cook, Sheldon Cook. Barbara & Alan Dworsky collection.

June 9, 1960, Boston: Cook-Dworsky Wedding hors d'oeuvres table L to R: Bob Fox, mystery couple, Sarah Cook, Molly Cook, Sayra Sinderoff, Susan Cook, Michael Cook, and Syd Sinderoff. Barbara & Alan Dworsky collection.

June 9, 1960, Boston: Cook-Dworsky Wedding In the center Barbara Cook Dworsky dances with Morris Eisenstein from Dover. L to R: Izzy Stack, Syd Sinderoff, Linda Cook, Anne Stack, Gertie Eisenstein, Irving Thorner. Bottom R Dorothy & Bob Cook. Barbara & Alan Dworsky collection.

October 1990, New York City: Michael Cook. Barbara Toby Stack photo.

December 24, 2016, San Francisco, Sue Cook Barbara Stack, Robin Orr

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