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Thorner Family from Brzezno or Brezezno or perhaps  Brzeziny, Poland

Thorner Photos

from a document from Paul Thorner
Chshunstovsky *** חשאןסטאווסקי *** OR ***חשאן סטאווסקי

Exciting Find! Gedalia and children
3/25/2012 Just a couple of days ago I took another look at the documents which Paul Thorner gave me,
documents handed down by his father. I had assumed this document to be a listing of his family members,
but then I realized it was ours!

Ezriel bar Gedalie Eliezer = Isidore?
David bar Gedalie Eliezer = David
Tovid bar Gedalie Eliezer = Theodore?
Meyer bar Gedalie Eliezer = Meyer
Blume bar Vigdor = Meyer's wife Bluma, daughter of Victor Herchman
Avraham bar Gedalie Eliezer = Abraham
Dvora bar Gedalie Eliezer = Dora
Chana Reysa bar Gedalie Eliezer = Anna

New! The Two Lous
Two other close branches of the Thorner family

Family Tree:

Descendants of Gedalia Chshunstofsky (Thorner) & Glicke Teronchek
updated 4/14/2013 now descending from Gedalia's parents Louis & Anna

Document Histories:

Gedalia Chrzadowski Thorner (1854-1932)
and Glicke/Gussie Teronchek Chrzadowski Thorner (1857-1926)

updated 9/20/2015 + gravestone

Isidore Chrzadowski Thorner (1874-1933)
updated 3/28/2012 + 1903 Manifest + 1909 NYC Home for the Aged & Infirm

Theodore Chrzadowski Thorner (1878-1963)
updated 9/20/2015

David Chrzonstowski Thorner (c 1879-9/3/1932)
updated 3/31/2015 + death date

Meyer Chrzastowski Chrzastewski Thorner (12/8/1879-2/15/1942 )
updated 3/31/2015 + death date

Abraham Chrzadowski Thorner (1887-1941)
updated 6/2/2015 + 1915 NY Census + 1940 Census + Melvin Birth + 1923 fire

Dora Chrzadowski Thorner Schraub (1895-?)
updated 1/30/2011 + 1920 Census + 1905 NY Census

Anna Rose Chrzadowski Thorner Glaser (1901-?)
updated 1/22/2011 + 1905 NY Census

Paul Thorner's Family Genealogy

Check out Documenting Maine Jewry

Blank Census Forms 1910 1920 1930 with clear headers

Blank 1940 Census Form (legal-sized, 2pp)

Our family name

from a document from Paul Thorner
Chshunstovsky *** חשאןסטאווסקי *** OR ***חשאן סטאווסקי

our family folklore

Ancestry index on Konigin Luise Manifest
and yields HUGE finds

Ellis Island on Konigin Luise?

Graf Waldersee Manifest 4/5/1902 Meyer

BTS interprets this as
and Ancestry also lists for Konigin Luise

David Chrzonstowski
Ship Manifest: Patricia
Departure Date: 25 Jan 1902

Paul Thorner:

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