Thorner (Chshunstovsky) Family Genealogy

My branch of the Thorner family descends from Gedalia Chshunstovsky + Glicke Teronchik
In the US they took the name Thorner from Glicke's family

Thorner Family from Brzezno or Brezezno or perhaps  Brzeziny, Poland

Teronchik/Torunczyk/Toronczyk Genealogy

Thorner Photos


from a document from Paul Thorner

Chshunstovsky *** חשאןסטאווסקי *** OR ***חשאן סטאווסקי

Yehuda Leib (Louis) Chshunstofsky + Anna Toronchik and/or Sarah Toronchik

this is my great grandfather
this is Paul Thorner's grandfather
c 1920 possibly Gedalia Thorner
from Collection of Barbara Wiseman Steckler
c 1917-18 Abraham Thorner
1854, near Warsaw, Poland - 7/28/1932, Brooklyn, NY
3/15/1865 Kikol Poland - 8/7/1937 Brooklyn, NY
Gedalia son of Yehudah Leib FindAGrave
Abraham son of Yehudah Leib FindAGrave
It was not until Paul Thorner's spring 2020 autosomal DNA results matched mine that we could conclude that this was one family!

Signed by Dr. Allen S. Russek,
husband of Gedalia's son Meyer's daughter Molly

Mother: Anna Toronchik
Mother: Sarah
I don't quite believe either listing. But they may have been half brothers


Exciting Find! Gedalia and children
3/25/2012 Just a couple of days ago I took another look at the documents which Paul Thorner gave me,
documents handed down by his father. I had assumed this document to be a listing of his family members,
but then I realized it was ours!

Ezriel bar Gedalie Eliezer = Isidore?
David bar Gedalie Eliezer = David
Tovid bar Gedalie Eliezer = Theodore?
Meyer bar Gedalie Eliezer = Meyer
Blume bar Vigdor = Meyer's wife Bluma, daughter of Victor Herchman
Avraham bar Gedalie Eliezer = Abraham
Dvora bar Gedalie Eliezer = Dora
Chana Reysa bar Gedalie Eliezer = Anna

New! The Two Lous
Two other close branches of the Thorner family

Family Tree:

Descendants of Gedalia Chshunstofsky (Thorner) & Glicke Teronchek
updated 4/14/2013 now descending from Gedalia's parents Louis & Anna

Document Histories:

Gedalia Chrzadowski Thorner (1854-1932)
and Glicke/Gussie Teronchek Chrzadowski Thorner (1857-1926)

updated 9/20/2015 + gravestone

Isidore Chrzadowski Thorner (1874-1933)
updated 3/28/2012 + 1903 Manifest + 1909 NYC Home for the Aged & Infirm

Theodore Chrzadowski Thorner (1878-1963)
updated 9/20/2015

David Chrzonstowski Thorner (c 1879-9/3/1932)
updated 3/31/2015 + death date

Meyer Chrzastowski Chrzastewski Thorner (12/8/1879-2/15/1942 )
updated 3/31/2015 + death date

Abraham Chrzadowski Thorner (1887-1941)
updated 8/29/2020 + Naturalization documents

Dora Chrzadowski Thorner Schraub (1895-?)
updated 1/30/2011 + 1920 Census + 1905 NY Census

Anna Rose Chrzadowski Thorner Glaser (1901-?)
updated 1/22/2011 + 1905 NY Census

Paul Thorner's Family Genealogy

Check out Documenting Maine Jewry

Blank Census Forms 1910 1920 1930 with clear headers

Blank 1940 Census Form (legal-sized, 2pp)

Our family name Thorner

Two generations back from me my mother's paternal line took the name Thorner from a maternal line Torunczyk.
My great grandparents were: Glicke Teronchek + Gedalia Chshunstofsky/Thorner (he took her family name)
In the US there are Thorners descended from Gedalia, from his brother Abraham, from Glicke's sister Liba and several other lines.

Yiddish from a document from Paul Thorner
Chshunstovsky *** חשאןסטאווסקי ***

March 31, 1907 Manifest of Graf Waldersee for the arrival in NYC of Max Thorner, named Mooche [Moishe] Phschonstowski

from November 21, 1911 28-Day Russian Travel Permit (Brzustowa to Bobrowniki) for Abram Leybovich Krisonatovsky from grandfather of Paul Thorner
Хрисонатовский or Хрисопотовский or Хрисонстовский (Ukranian)
perhaps Khronatovskii or Krisonatovsky or Khrtonatovskiy

from November 21, 1911 28-Day Russian Travel Permit for Abram Leybovich Krisonatovsky, grandfather of Paul Thorner
The right side of the document has the same information in German
Abram Horonstovski ????

our family folklore

Ancestry index on Konigin Luise Manifest
and yields HUGE finds

Ellis Island on Konigin Luise?

4/5/1902 Graf Waldersee Manifest Meyer Thorner

BTS interprets this as
and Ancestry also lists for Konigin Luise

David Chrzonstowski
Ship Manifest: Patricia
Departure Date: 25 Jan 1902

Paul Thorner's family variously:
Chrysonatovsky or Krisonatovsky

JewishGen possible spelling: CZONSTOWSKI

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