BTS Published Photos (more to come)

1999, Picador/St. Martin's Press, At Home in the World (paperback), Joyce Maynard

Cover photo taken by Barbara Toby Stack on March 18, 1972, in the Maynard home in Durham, NH

7/24/2001, Piedmont Post, Oakland Youth Orchestra captures hearts on Italy tour, Barbara Stack

My experience of the tour, as well as all the reports I have heard from students and parents, suggest that the tour was a great success. First, we brought everyone back healthy and happy. Second, with the exception of a couple of small thefts and one damaged instrument, we moved a lot of gear to and from Italy, and in and out of six concert sites with no real problems. Third, we gave 70 kids a chance to succeed at a big adventure --to keep themselves and their colleagues well and strong enough to carry off the logistics and the art of performing on tour, while following a relentless and exhausting (though fascinating and irresistible) tourist agenda. Fourth, we extended the opportunity and the adventure to the 14 students who received scholarship aid. Fifth, we have nearly succeeded in raising the funds which made this all possible. (A donated piano is for sale at Piedmont Piano to benefit OYO.)

7/31/2001, Piedmont Post, Oakland Youth Orchestra captures hearts on Italy tour, Barbara Stack

"And thus, better than two weeks from the time we left, musicians and instruments were back where they belonged, and the Oakland Youth Orchestra could savor the many memories and accomplishments of its highly successful tour to Italy."

1/23/2005, New York Times, Music Fit for a King, Written for a Dentist, Anne Midgette

"Barbara Stack [photo] The composer Ingram Marshall, at left, with Kathyrn Gould, commissioner of Magnum Opus, a project of nine new orchestral works, and the conductor Michael Morgan. They were gathered after the 2004 world premiere of Mr. Marshall's "Bright Kingdoms" with the Oakland East Bay Symphony."

7/18/2007, Piedmont Post, Oakland Youth Orchestra: Bliss in Shades of Blue, Barbara Stack

"That evening we gave our final concert at the amazing Arhaeo Odion. (We can now tell the difference between an amphitheater, theater, and odion.) Heghine Boloyan led the Armenian and Greek String Group through a hot performance of Arkadi Serper's arrangement of Greek tunes, and the crowd went wild."