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compilation edited by Barbara Toby Stack

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Noteworthy Newsletters

Spring 2008, Volume 19, No. 3
the senior biographies issue

Winter 2008, Volume 19, No. 2
Cynthia Dellums joins Advisory Board; alumni concertmasters Juliana Athayde and Maria Larionoff

Fall 2007, Volume 19, No. 1
Ted Yuan, Leonard Cheng, Jay Levine
, Jeff Beal, Shauna Revelli

Spring 2007, Volume 18, No. 3
the senior biographies issue

Winter 2007, Volume 18, No. 2
Doris Fukawa, Margot Schwartz, Cohen & Cohen, Ian Jones Chris Kong

Fall 2006, Volume 18, No. 1
Oakland Rotary, Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, Ethel London

Spring 2006, Volume 17, No. 3
the senior biographies issue

Winter 2006, Volume 17, No. 2
Rachel Taylor , Reggie Patterson, Robin Bonnell, Carlos Reyes, Jeremy Cohen, Shinji Eshima, David Macbride, Teddy Abrams, SF Foundation

Fall 2005, Volume 17, No. 1
Robert Hughes, Lynne Morrow, Juliana Athayde, Alyssa Mathias, Jeff Beal, Margot Schwartz, Scott Parkman

Spring 2005, Volume 16, No. 3
the senior biographies issue

Winter 2005, Volume 16, No. 2
Emil Miland, Josh Cohen, Joffria Whitfield, Teddy Abrams, Ben Simon, Meghan Miller, Margot Schwartz, Chris Kong

Fall 2004, Volume 16, No. 1
Jon Faddis, Todd Sickafoose, Alex Foster, Jim Bogios, Jeremy Cohen, Keenan Boswell, Peter Jaffe, Adelaide Cheng, Harold Lawrence

Spring 2004, Volume 15, No. 3
the senior biographies issue, historic OYO photos of Bob Hughes and YCO 1967, Bob Hughes and Kent Nagano, 1984, Cannonball Adderley and Denis deCoteau, 1970, Lorraine Hunt Lieberson 1971, Wes Kinney and OYP 1994-95, Samuel Cristler and OYO 1986-91.

Winter 2004, Volume 15, No. 2
Oakland City Council honors OYO, DeMarus Allen, Bryan Nies, Larry London

Fall 2003, Volume 15, No. 1
Heghine Boloyan, Desto Recordings, Gloria Lum, Samuel Cristler, summer 1882 Caribbean tour with Kent Nagano and Calvin Simmons

Spring 2003, Volume 14, No. 3
the senior biographies issue, Noah Schwartz, Josh Feltman, Wes Kenney, Ted Yuan

Winter 2003, Volume 14, No. 2
Elizabeth Morgan, Lawrence Granger, Gabrielle Athayde, Anna-Louise Burdett

Fall 2002, Volume 14, No. 1
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints honors Milly Rosner and Debbra Schwartz, Dawn Foster Dodson, Emil Miland, Noah Schwartz

Spring 2002, Volume 13, No. 3
the senior biographies issue

Winter 2002, Volume 13, No. 2
Jeremy, Joel and Josh Cohen, Lawrence K
ohl, Scott Parkman, Milly Rosner

Fall 2001, Volume 13, No. 1
Adrian Tam, Noah Schwartz, Ethel London, Oakland Zoo Concert

Spring 2001, Volume 12, No. 3
the senior biographies issue; Danny Glover presents check to OYO Board VP Perika Sampson

Winter 2001, Volume 12, No. 2
OEBS-OYO Side-by-side photos
Benefit Concert Insert

Fall 2000, Volume 12, No. 1
Alyssa Mathias, Nele Kemmerich, Margot Schwartz, Elizabeth Morgan, Teddy Abrams, Morgan Staples, Jason Leith, Retreat photos

Spring 2000, Volume 11, No. 3
the senior biographies issue

Winter 2000, Volume 11, No. 2
Dawn Foster Dodson joins Board, OYO wins Oakland Chamber Special Juror Award

Fall 1999, Volume 11, No. 1
Andrew Bogiages Scholarship

Spring 1999, Volume 10, No. 2
the senior biographies issue

Fall 1998, Volume 10, No. 1

Board member Jean Bogiages receives ACSO Award; OYO receives Celebrate Oakland award, OYO Latin American tour.