Photos of Barbara Toby Stack

February 22, 2024: Houston: Opening of Janet Sobel show at Menil
photo by Niece R.

September 30, 2020: Berkeley

September 12, 2020, Berkeley

May 20, 2019, Manchester, NH: Richard Thorner photo.

what I said

April 22, 2017, Berkeley: Lunch and visit with Niece R. The pink and yellow roses behind us
are at about one week past peak, which was on Easter Morning. Hope my neighbors enjoyed.

April 3, 2016, San Francisco: Met terrific third cousin Alan K'necht for the first time.
Altstein family and Nowy Dwor Town Leader in Jewish Gen.

October 1, 2014
: back in Sproul Plaza with the FSM. Howard Harawitz photo.

February 24, 2013 Houston: BTS and niece Dorian Sobel. Ellen Stack photo

February 5, 2013, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Barbara loves Rothko No. 14! Photo by Arianna Siegel.

September 15, 2012: Greek Theatre, Berkeley: Mavis Staples and Bonnie Raitt Concert: Barbara Dane took me backstage!

8/15/2012: Barbara Stack in UCB Botanical Garden
August 15, 2012: in UCB Botanical Garden. Photo by Niece R..

Barbara Stack San Francisco Chronicle

BTS at Sendek show at SF Jewish Museum
September 17, 2009: BTS at Sendak show at SF Contemporary Jewish Museum. Photo by Arianna Siegel.

March 21, 2009 Oakland Youth Orchestra Wizards’ Ball BTS as Sybill Trelawney (Harry Potter). Photo by Yingrong Su (I think).
BTS Sybil Trelawney March 21, 2009
March 21, 2009 Oakland Youth Orchestra Wizards’ Ball BTS as Sybill Trelawney (Harry Potter). Photo by Yingrong Su (I think).

June 27, 2007: Athens: On tour with the Oakland Youth Orchestra.

BTS & Alice Waters by Conway Jones 9-26-06
September 26, 2006: San Francisco: with Alice Waters. Photo by Conway Jones.

August 4, 2004: Self portrait having survived tour.

June 28, 2004: Sydney, Australia: With Oakland Youth Orchestra at Sydney Opera House.

July 1, 2001: Montecatini, Italy: On tour with Oakland Youth Orchetra: BTS and conductor Scott Parkman relax before concert. photo by Kristin Arendt

6-30-2001 BTS in Montepulciano by Jay Levine
June 30, 2001: Montepulciano, Italy: on tour with Oakland Youth Orchestra. Photo by Jay Levine.

October 30, 1992: San Francisco: at Floating Lotus Gallery.
Looks like a contemporary Blue Mahakala from Nepal, painted in 14th century Nawar Style.

VR in Berk Dec 1991
December 1991: Virtual Reality--Virtuality-- in Berkeley. Photo by Jay McLaughlan.

November 1, 1991: San Francisco: Dressed as Captain Hook for Tony Serra's Halloween party.

May, 1991, New Orleans: Going out to lunch with my mom. Blouse once belonged to Heather McLaughlin's mother. Ellen Stack photo.

December, 1990: Berkeley: Jay McLaughlin photo.

BTS & Hunter McCurry by Tom McCurry 1989
1989: Northampton, MA: playing with Hunter McCurry. Photo by Tom McCurry.

September 17, 1988: Berkeley: with digital Niece R. Photo by BTS.

September 17, 1988:
Berkeley: with digital Niece Dori. Photo by BTS.

August 13, 1988, New Orleans, Antoines: sister Ellen, mother Anne, BTS. photo by host Larry Gettleman.

February 16, 1988: New Orleans: Mardi Gras

BTS 5-1985 NOLA
May, 1985: New Orleans. Photo by Len Sobel.

Fundi drawing of BTS circa 1984
circa 1984 Fundi drawing of BTS

Fromers, Walden & Stack 1983
June 10, 1983: New Space, Valencia St., SF: L to R: Eleanor Walden, Irving Fromer, Barbara Stack, Jon Fromer

1983 photo by Carol Haddad (taken with my camera)

July 29, 1982, Berkeley @ Marcia's: Len Sobel, Barbara, Pavlos Daskalakis, Ellen Stack in rear.

July 29, 1982, Berkeley: Len Sobel, Barbara, Ellen Stack in rear. Effects by BTS

1982, Oakland, at Barry Smith's Hillegass cottage. Photo by Rachel.


August 18, 1981: New York City, Lincoln Center Plaza
L to R: Cindy Green, Jackie Schwab, Lyn Amnring, Joe Gerhardt, BTS

1979 circa, western Massachusetts: the shirt had been a costume in play, as I remember, "All Girl Band,"
and I was in the band (the singers were the stars but the instrumentalists had more fun)

1973: Massachusetts. My first guitar. Red high-top sneakers.

Summer, 1971 at the French convalescent home Chateau des Halles in the Loire Valley, France.
The crutches to the left are mine. L to R: ??, Franco's mom, whom I met in the hospital in Lyon, Selma, Franco, and me.

June, 1969, Waltham, MA: Isadore Stack, my dad, and I celebrate my Brandeis Graduation. Photo by Ellen Stack

1967 in Brandeis Dorm with my second guitar. Photo by Walter Zimmerman
note Dynaco SCA-35 that I built from a kit and customized. That, headphones, and tapedeck were for Music 1 with the great Leo Treitler.

1967 BTS in Dorm by Walter Zimmerman
1967 in Brandeis Dorm. Photo by Walter Zimmerman

1963, Summer, Jackson Lab, Bar Harbor, Maine.
August, 1963, SUMMER STUDENT REPORTS, 1963, JACKSON LABORATORY, An analysis of verbal relatedness, Barbara T. Stack
August, 1963, SUMMER STUDENT REPORTS, 1963, JACKSON LABORATORY, Second order learning in mice, Barbara T. Stack

May 6, 1960: Dover, NH: Just before my Bat Mitzvah by Rabbi Gilbert Elefant. With Aunt Sarah and Uncle Max.
Aunt Sarah was the youngest sister of my late maternal grandmother and very much her proxy.
I think they may have just given me a pep talk. Or a blessing.

March, 1957: Atlantic City: Music Conference. photo by Marion L. Hamm

1952 Ellen Anne Barbara book
1952, Dover, NH: Ellen, Anne reading a book, Barbara on Ash Street in Dover, NH

February 1951 in Lewiston, Maine: Ellen Stack and Barbara Stack. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

late 1950: Ellen and Barbara


Spring 1949 Barbara and Anne Stack
Spring, 1949: Barbara and Anne Stack

1948, 206A Central Avenue, Dover, NH: with mom and dad on a day when the Supovitzes were visiting.

1948: Claire Supovitz holding me up!

Barbara Toby Stack in 1948
1948 Happy Barby

BTS at 6 months
1948 Baby Barby

1948 February: Molly and Susan Cook; BTS and mother Anne