Yecht Family Arrivals

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In the old country their name was Yecht (9 seconds)
Bessie Robinson Loeb Bondy
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per Joe Chandler, the name differentiated into Filler, Robinson, and Yecht strands.
Thus these documents report a single family

September 18, 1892: Arr US David Robinson per 1901 Naturalization statement. Haven't yet found manifest.

September, 1876: Arr US Abraham Robinson per 1901 Naturalization statement. Haven't yet found manifest.

January 4, 1895: arr. Portland, Maine, from Amsterdam: Jacob & Moses (Morris) Robensohn

August 7, 1895
arr NYC from Bremen: SS Dresden:
Itte Robinsohn, 38 [1857], Chaje (Ida), 10, Chaim (Hyman) 8, Shmuel (Samuel), 6, and Itzig (Benjamin?), 4.

July 28, 1897: arr. Boston from Hamburg: Mendl (Max) & Pessie (Bessie) Robinson going to father David

1899-1900: Abraham Kruch (Cook) manifests Hamburg to Portland, ME. He's from Rozhysche, Lutsk District, Volhynia Province, Ukraine.
Going to Uncle, perhaps his wife Pessie's uncle David Robinson.

November 26, 1904: Liverpool to NY: Joseph Schlegar: passage paid: brother-in-law; Abram Cook, 9 Wine [Vine] St, Portland, ME]
Detained 3 days: Poor guy! A slim man who kept strict dietary laws, he probably ate little aboard ship, and less in detention!

June 17, 1906: Cymric arr Boston from Liverpool Anna, Rosa & Chaim Filler, Esther & Isaac Katz condensed: Uncle David Robinson
It's possible that Anna Filler may be Rebecca Nelson, as family lore had them travel together. Or Rose's older sister of the same age as Rebecca.

January 4, 1907
: Bremen to NYC: Nussen Linder (Nathan Chandler) Manifest (Nathan's mother was Odas Filler)

April 1-12 1909: Arrival Faga Feller (the future Frances or Fannie Cohen) London to Portland: cites Uncle Max Robinson

July 20, 1913: Hamburg to Boston: Esther Shleiger [Etta Robinson], daughter of Avrum Schlager,
Friend's Name: [brother:] Jankel Robinsohn, 324 Fore, Portland, ME; Jake Robinson was both her Brother-in-law, married to Etta's sister, and a cousin.

March 25, 1921: Toby and Sara Schlager arrived in Halifax from Liverpool headed for Jack (Jake) and Rose Robinson, 102 Nazareth,  Montreal

August 1, 1921: Montreal to Portland: Taube and Sura Schalger headed to daughter and sister Esther Katz.

December 10, 1923: Manifest Tabakhendlers

June 28, 1924: Liverpool to Boston: Rabbi Moszko Rokeyach, widower of Chana Schlager. Going to bro-in-law Hersch (Harry) Katz, Portland, ME

March 2, 1926: Yankel Filjar Canadian Pacific Steamship receipt. From Kowel. The future Jack Filler. Collection of Veeta Engel

December 28, 1926: Buchman Family arr NYC from Cherbourg. Rifka is daughter of Chana Schleger + Rabbi Moshe Rokeach.

March 28, 1928: Southampton to NYC, Rosia Rokejach, born in Lokasz, destination Portland, Maine
mentions Uncle Hersh Katz

April 26, 1929: Arr. NYC from Southampton: Chaja Enia & Leja Ruchla Rokejack.
Nearest relative whence came: Uncle Icko Schlaeger, Lokacz, Poland

August 27, 1935: Kovel to Gdynia to Halifax: Mindla Filler and kids