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Abram Zvi Hirsch Kruk Cook, born August 1871 Wolin, Russia; died: October 7, 1935, Portland, Maine.
Michael Cook Collection.

Bessie Pesha Miriam Nelson born October 30, 1869; died October 30, 1919, Sanford, Maine.
Michael Cook Collection.

1922 circa Sylvia Cook young girl
circa 1922 Sylvia Cook. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

Nelson and Thorner women
Becky Nelson Thorner • Etta Nelson Chase • Rose Nelson Robinson
mystery person
Anna Thorner Glaser (a redhead) • Minnie Marcus Cook
June, 1924, probably at Old Orchard Beach, Maine. From Anne Thorner Stack's collection.

1928 March 8 Burton Cook Sanford Maine
March 8, 1928: Sanford Maine: Burton Cook. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

circa 1929, Maine: Front L to R: Sylvia Cook, Rose Nelson Robinson, Mystery woman, Becky Nelson Thorner, Minnie Marcus Cook, Mel Thorner.
Rear, L to R: Mystery man, Irving Thorner, Ann Robinson Leman. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1938: 74 Mason Street, Biddeford, Maine: Back L to R: Irving Thorner, Minnie Cook, Becky Thorner, Anne Thorner, Sylvia Cook, Abe Thorner
Front: Maurice Cook, Burton Cook, George Cook. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1938: Biddeford, Maine: L to R: Irving Thorner, Burton Cook, George Cook, Lou Kates, Maurice Cook. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

about 1942: L to R: Barbara Cook, Alan Cook, Margery Cook, and Sheldon Cook. Barbara Cook Dworsky collection.

Cooks and Stacks
Late 1940s: Left to R: mystery man, Jack and Molly Cook, Sam and Sadie Cook, Izzy and Anne Stack, mystery woman. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

February 1948: Dover, NH: Molly Cook, Susan Cook, Barbara Stack, Anne Stack. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

Irving Thorner Wedding
Burton Cook • Sylvia Cook • Sam Cook • Max Cook • Rose Robinson • Izzy Stack • Mel Thorner • Anne Stack • Etta Chase • Micky Schwartz • Maurice Cook
Jack Cook • Molly Cook • Sadie Cook • Sarah Cook • Dorothy and Bob Cook • Annette Cook • Mike Weber • Molly Schwartz
May 9, 1948, Bradford Hotel, Boston--- Irving and Bertha Thorner Wedding. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

circa 1950, Dover, NH
: L to R: Margery Cook, Susan Cook, Alan Cook, baby, probably Nancy or Debby Pindrus, Barbara Cook, Michael Cook, either Butch Sevigny or Steve King, and Janey Pindrus. Susan Cook collection. (posted 12/20/2013)

1950s: Max Cook. Molly Cinamon collection.

Eddie Miroff Bar Mizvah, Portland 1956
circa 1956, Eddie Miroff Bar Mitzvah: From left top row: Dave Kates, Hazel Brenneman, David Finkelman,
Tela Millman, Jerry & Lois Chase, Dave & Dottie Millman, Joe Robinson, Irving & Esther Robinson
From left middle row: Anne Stairman (daughter of Joseph Nelson), Dick & Jan Chase, son of Hazel Brenneman (name unknown),
Etta Chase, Rose Chandler, Anne Robinson Leman, Molly Finkelman, Molly Cook, Rose Robinson?, Sadie & Sam Cook
Front: Irving & Bertha Thorner. Portland from collection of Molly Cinamon

1959 Biddeford Max Sarah Mel Irving
1959: Biddeford, Maine: from left: Irving Thorner, Max and Sarah Nelson Cook, Mel Thorner. photo by Barbara Stack

June 9, 1960, Essex House, Boston: L to R: Rose Marcus Baumstein, Sam and Sadie Cook, Barbara Cook, Alan Dworsky, Margery Cook, Alan Cook, Sheldon Cook. Barbara & Alan Dworsky collection.

June 9, 1960, Boston: Cook-Dworsky Wedding hors d'oeuvres table L to R: Bob Fox, mystery couple, Sarah Cook, Molly Cook, Sayra Sinderoff, Susan Cook, Michael Cook, and Syd Sinderoff. Barbara & Alan Dworsky collection.

June 9, 1960, Boston: Cook-Dworsky Wedding In the center Barbara Cook Dworsky dances with Morris Eisenstein from Dover. L to R: Izzy Stack, Syd Sinderoff, Linda Cook, Anne Stack, Gertie Eisenstein, Irving Thorner. Bottom R Dorothy & Bob Cook. Barbara & Alan Dworsky collection.

October 1990, New York City: Michael Cook. Barbara Toby Stack photo.

December 24, 2016, San Francisco, Sue Cook Barbara Stack, Robin Orr

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