Max/Mordechai/Motel Tabakhendler/Sigel/Seigal + Odas/Hoodis Filler Tabakhendler/Sigel

Descendants of Max Mordechai Seigal and Odas/Hodas/Hoodis Filler

Chandler Family from Kiselin, Russia, Poland, USSR, Ukraine
Filler Family from Kovel, Russia, Poland, USSR, Ukraine
Kovel Memorial Book
Deep gratitude to Joseph Chandler of Portland, Maine who made an amazing family tree that got me started

Joe Chandler's Family History new!

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Chandler photos

Chandler Genealogy and Name

Nelson Echt Yecht family page includes Chandler

Eli Baer


Max/Mordechai/Motel Tabakhendler/Sigel/Seigal b: 1866-67 in Kissilin; d: 1/13/1948 Portland, ME
+Odas/Hoodis Filler Tabakhendler/Sigel b: in Kissilin, Russia; d: 4/29/1939 Portland, ME

Max’s Parents
Louis & Sylvia Seigal per gravestone transcription; Labell Tabachandler + Bas Sheva Weizman per Joe Chandler (?)

Odas’ Parents
Yosef Segal per gravestone transcription; Joseph Yosel Filler and Yetta (Ethel) Baer per Joe Chandler(?)

Wolf Sigel b: 1888 d: Abt. 1918
Nathan Seigal Chandler b: 30 Aug 1890 in Kissilin, Russia d: 15 Jul 1966 in Portland, Maine
+Rose Filler b: 12 Aug 1888 in Koval, Russia d: 04 Jul 1978 in Portland,  m: 21 Jul 1910 in Portland
Unnamed Sigel b: Abt. 1892
Irving Seigal Chandler b: 15 May 1892 in Kissilin, Russia Ukraine d: 20 Jan 1988 in Houston, TX
+Etta Cohen b: in Petrograd; d: 8/1938 Providence, RI; m: 19 Aug 1919 in RI
+ Marcia Libby Petlock b: 12/15/1900 Zezmer, Lithuania; d: 7/7/1965 Providence, RI; m: 9/24/1939 Boston, MA
Mirel Sigel b: 1896 d: 1905
Kalman Sigel b: Abt. 1897 d: 1941
Israel "Srol" Seigal b: 16 Mar 1901 d: 09 Oct 1991 in Montreal
Celia [Cypa?] Sigel b: 15 Sep 1901 d: 11 Sep 1975 in Malden, MA
+Paul Goldman
Rita [Rywka?] Sigel b: 1909
+Henry Mackson d: 28 Mar 1966

December 10, 1923 Manifest SS Pittsburgh Cherbourg to NYC
Tabakhendler, Motel   M         57        b: Kisielin, Poland   [Occupation: Farmer]
Tabakhendler, Udes    F          55        b: Kissielin, Poland
Tabakhendler, Rywka F          12        b: Kisielin, Poland
Tabekhendler, Cypa    F          23        b:Kisielin, Poland
[Nearest relative in country of origin: Son: Kalman Tabakhendler in Kisielin]
[Going to join son Nusel Siegal, 56 Congress St., Portland, CA]

December 10, 1923: Arrival NYC Tabakhendler Family: Motel, Udes, Rywka, Cywla.

December 10, 1923: Arrival NYC Tabakhendler Family: Motel, Udes, Rywka, Cywla.

1924 Portland Directory—might not be ours—see 1940 census
Sigel, Max (Ida) fruit h rear 177 Cumberland Ave

1925 Portland Directory
Seigal, Max (Ida) fruit 329 Congress h rear 177
Sigel, Max (Ida) fruit h r 177 Cumb Ave

Feb 7, 1928 Naturalization card: Motel Tabakhendler b: c1870   Age at event: 58   Court District: Maine
159 Franklin Street, Portland, Maine

1930 Portland Directory
Max M & Hades Seigal clk 75 Middle; h 180 Oxford
Max & Ida Sigel mgr 75 Middle; h 197 Cumberland Avenue (not on Joe’s tree)
75 Middle Street, M. Winer grocer  (Not on tree)



Feb 3, 1931 Naturalization card: Motel Siegal   Court District: Maine NAME CHANGE!

Hadas b"r Yosef Segal
date/place        (10 Iyar 5699) [April 29, 1939]
cemetery          Mt Carmel
section - plot   Main

from Documenting Maine Jewry
Motel Seigal z''l

BIRTH 1867
father   Louis Seigal
mother Sylvia Seigal
date/place       1/13/1948 (2 Shevat) in Portland, ME
photo 1946 davening



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