Chandler Family from Kiselin, Russia, Poland, USSR, Ukraine
Filler Family from Kovel, Russia, Poland, USSR, Ukraine
Kovel Memorial Book
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Deep gratitude to Joseph Chandler of Portland, Maine who made an amazing family tree that got me started

Joe Chandler's Family History new!

Yecht/Echt Bare Bones Tree printable-3 page version

Chandler photos

Nelson Echt Yecht family page includes Chandlers

Document Histories:

Descendants of Max Mordechai Seigal and Odas/Hodas/Hoodis Filler

Max Mordechai Seigal and Odas/Hodas/Hoodis Filler

Wolf Sigel b: 1888 d: Abt. 1918

Nathan Seigal Chandler (1890-1966) and Rose Filler (1888-1978)
updated 8/9/2011 + 1911 Birth Louis Sigal + 1917 WWI Draft

Unnamed Sigel b: Abt. 1892

Irving Seigal Chandler b: 1895 d: 1988
updated 8/9/2011 + 1946 Providence Directory + 1939 Wedding Announcement

Mirel Sigel b: 1896 d: 1905

Kalman Sigel b: Abt. 1897 d: 1941

Israel Sigel b: 16 Mar 1901 d: 09 Oct 1991

Celia Sigel b: 15 Sep 1901 d: 11 Sep 1975

Rita Sigel b: 1909

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Blank Census Forms 1910 1920 1930 with clear headers

Blank 1940 Census Form (legal-sized, 2pp)

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