Jennie or Miriam Sobel Barsky Genealogical Records

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June 1, 1915: NY State Census: East 109, #10, New York, NY
Max Sobel, Engraver, 26; Jenie Sobel, 25; Bernard Sobel, 4; Jenie Barsky, 22 [c1893] (per Ricky, possibly Max's sister).
There is also a 1930 marriage record of a Miriam Sobel, age 23 [c1907], daughter of Hyman Sobel and Edith Lishensky, marrying a Boris Barsky.

January 5, 1930: Broklyn, NY, Marriage Miriam Sobel + Boris Barsky
she is listed as daughter of Hyman Sobel and Edith Lishensky

April 1, 1940
: Barsky Census Paterson NJ
Boris Barsky, 46, Head; Meriam Barsky, 33, Wife; Lester Barsky, 9, Son; Marvin Barsky, 4,Son

November 25, 1953: The Courier-News: Max Sobel
"a sister, Mrs. Boris Borsky of Elizabeth"

Miriam Sobel Barsky, daughter of Chaim



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