Max and Janet Wilson Sobel Genealogical Records

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I have not yet discovered a manifest for Janet's arrival around 1906
Here are some I've rejected

UK and Ireland, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960
July 7, 1906 Liverpool to Hull England on SS Campania
Chaim Zibulski: Birth Date: abt 1871; Mendel Zibulski: Birth Date: abt 1890

New York Passenger Arrival Lists (Ellis Island), 1892-1924
July 14,1906: Liverpool to Ellis Island on SS Campania
Chaim Cebulsky:   Married,  Nationality: Russia, Hebrew   Birth Year:1871
Mendel Cebulsky: Single,  Nationality: Russia, Hebrew   Birth Year:1890
who is that cousin?

April 16, 1910: Census: Boarders Max Zebulsky and Jennie Wilson: 730 Second Street, Manhattan
this says that they both arrived 1906; Janet was a dressmaker

June 9, 1910 State of New York Certificate and Record of Marriage Certificate No: 12658
Max Zebulsky, 1567 Lexington Ave., Age: 23  [; c 1887] Birthplace: Russia Occupation: engraverFather: Chaim Zebulsky; Mother: Aide Leshensky
Jennie Wilson, 182 Second St. Age: 21 [c 1889], Birthplace: Russia; Father: Bernard Wilson; Mother: Fannie Kahan

June 1, 1915: NY State Census: East 109, #10, New York, NY
Max Sobel, Engraver, 26; Jenie Sobel, 25; Bernard Sobel, 4; Jenie Barsky, 22 [c1893] (per Ricky, possibly Max's sister).
There is also a 1930 marriage record of a Miriam Sobel, age 23 [c1907], daughter of Hyman Sobel and Edith Lishensky, marrying a Boris Barsky.

June 5, 1917: l WWI Draft Registration: Max Sobel, Engraver, 591 Tinton Ave, Bronx, NY


May 5, 1922: Max Sobel AKA Mendel Cibulsky Certificate of Arrival

May 19, 1922: Petition for Naturalization: Max Sobel, Engraver, 2022 West 22nd Street, Brooklyn, NY

April 3, 1930: US Census: 3316 Mermaid Ave, Coney Island, Brooklyn
Max Sobel, 39; Jennie Sobel, 36; Bernard Sobel, 19; Lillian Sobel, 15; Isadore Sobel, 13; Soloman Sobel, 10; Hubert Sobel, 3; Fanny Wilson (Jennie's mother), 52;

April 6, 1940: US Census: 138 West 32nd Street, NY, NY
Max Sobel, 48; Jeana Sobel, 46; Sal Sobel, 19; Herbert Sobel, 13; Fannie Wilson, 62;

1942 Draft Card Max Sobel 3260 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn

May 4, 1944: Der Tog, p10: Janet Sobel
Brooklyn Yiddishe Balebosteh....

January 6, 1946: New York Times (excerpt)

November 10, 1946: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Critics Acclaim Boro Grandmother As Top Flight Surrealist Painter

September 7, 1949: Plainfield, NJ: Janet had been caring for her mother for 2 years.

November 24, 1953: Max Sobel, Mendel son of Chiam, Beth Israel Cemetery, Woodbridge, NJ

November 25, 1953: The Courier-News: Max Sobel

December 7, 1953: Social Security Application (fragment) which appears in Will the Real Janet Sobel Please Stand Up? by Libby Seaberg, 2009.
Lists parents as Baruch Olechovsky and Fannie Kinchuk.
used without permission

May 2, 1968: The Central New Jersey Home News: Sobel Brothers

November 11, 1968, Janet Sobel, Chana daughter of Baruch, Beth Israel Cemetery, Woodbridge, NJ

November 12, 1968: The Courier-News

August 2, 2021: New York Times: Janet Sobel Overlooked No More

Of Interest

2009: Will the Real Janet Sobel Please Stand Up? by Libby Seaberg

2015 Fall/Winter: Woman’s Art Journal: Sandra Zalman: Janet Sobel: Primitive Modern and the Origins of Abstract Expressionism

Overlooked No More: Janet Sobel, Whose Art Influenced Jackson Pollock
NY Times, 7/30/2021, by Maya Blackstone
the link to Max Sobel will take you to this webpage

BBC, 3/8/2022, Janet Sobel: The woman written out of history, by Kelly Grovier

3/27/2022: London: The Art of Janet Sobel to benefit UNHCR

2022 05-11 Messy Nessy
Before Pollock Saw Her Work, A Ukrainian Woman Pioneered Drip Painting
by Victoria Linchong

5/18/2022, artnet news, article by Katie White
Who Was Janet Sobel, the Ukrainian-Born Abstract Artist Who Created Drip Paintings Years Before Jackson Pollock?

5/30/2022, cultura-colectiva, article by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards
Janet Sobel: The Ukrainian artist that created unique paint dripping artworks way before Pollock

The Shape of Freedom: International Abstraction after 1945

6/17/2022: The Ukrainian artist who dripped paint before Jackson Pollock
Alex Halberstadt, senior writer on MoMA's Creative Team, looks at Janet Sobel's 1945 canvas "Milky Way" and imagines the artist in her Brighton Beach neighborhood. [video]

9/28/2022: San Antonio International Airport celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with cultural art
by Emily Ramirez, Digital Producer Trainee
"Serreli’s paintings, 'Flowers for Janet Sobel,' showcase gratitude towards Ukrainian-born American Abstract Expressionist Janet Sobel, who was inspired by her journey through life as a mother, wife, and immigrant throughout the 1900s."

Hyman and Edith Sobel

M0rris and Pearl Sobel

Jennie or Miriam Sobel Barsky

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