Yankel Hirsh Stasevich + Hene Seidenberg
from Nowy Dwor
, Maz, Poland

In early 2023 my sister and I, having previously tested on MyHeritage, took Ancestry DNA tests.
In addition to the sheer number of relations, there were intriguing matches with two people from the Stasevich family.
There are many in the US with that name, but this was the first chance I had to explore beyond my great grandfather's generation.

I first thought these might be descendants of my grandfather's brother Joseph, said to have gone to Argentina.
I made contact and learned that this family had gone to Cuba, then Miami, and were not descended from Joseph,
but from Yankel Hirsh Stasevich + Hene Seidenberg and his son Max/Mordechai/Motl Stasevich.

But they did come from Nowy Dwor, and were, as is my family, of the Levy tribe.

And, as I'd collected all available possible family documents from Nowy Dwor,
I had this one on file, even though it did not fit into my known family:

1884 Death Chaim Icek Stashevich, Nowy Dwor, akta 17
parents: Jankel Hersz Stashevich and Gena Zajdenberg
Янкеля Герша Сташевичъ and Гена Зайденберг
hint: paste these transcriptions of the Russian into Google Translate

This Chaim is not known to the present-day family I've talked with,
but Jankel Hersz Stashevich and Gena Zajdenberg seem likely to be Yankel Hirsh Stasevich + Hene Seidenberg.
the Russian letter Г, "gee," is pronounced like an h; so Gena=Hene.
If so, we now have a spelling of their names in Russian, though not necessarily how they spelled their names.

I have a page devoted to the evolution of our family name STACK

8/17/1871, Nowy Dwor Marriage record of my great grandfather Matys Stasiowicz spelled his name Стасіовичь.
I do not consider this variation significant as it is unlikely that Matys was literate in Russian.
And even if it was his spelling, history shows that our family adopted new spellings quite often.

Evolution of our family name STACK

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