Avram Michel Nelson & Rachel/Rochel Leah Yecht Genealogy and Family Photos

Photos of families of children of Avram Michel Nelson and Toby's half? Sister Rochel Leah Yecht: Bessie, Joseph Hirsch, and Rifke Nelson

New! Nelson Family Matrix

children of Avram Michel Nelson and Taube Yecht

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European mystery photos

The only document I know which names Rochel Leah:

December 8, 1936: Joseph Harry Nelson AKA Joseph Zvi Hirsch Schlager Social Security Application: Mother: Ruth Leah Yecht

Daughter of Avrum Michel Shlager
& Rochel Leah Yecht/Robinson
Son of Avrum Michel Shlager
& Rochel Leah Yecht/Robinson
Daughter of Avrum Michel Shlager
& Rochel Leah Yecht/Robinson
Daughter of Avrum Michel Shlager
& Rochel Leah Yecht/Robinson
Bessie Pes Miriam Nelson Cook
Joseph Zvi Hirsch Schlager Nelson
Rifka Shlager ___
Chana Shlager Rokeach
b: 10/30/1869 Russia
b: 8/15/1876, Russia
came to US 11/26/1904
b: circa 1870, Ukraine
10/30/1919, Sanford, ME
Smith Street Cemetery, Portland, ME
Pes Miriam daughter of Avraham Michel
11/26/1963, Portland, ME
Mount Carmel Cemetery, Portland, ME
Yosef Zvi son of Avraham Michel
March, 1914, Ukraine
Max Lewis Cook
Annie Schlager Nelson Stairman
Rachel Leah Rokeach Schneiderman
7/22/1888, Lokacze, Ukraine
11/13/1967, Portland, ME
4/15/1903, Russia
Lokacze, Ukraine, 9/10/1892
came to US 4/26/1929
1924 wedding photo
Samuel N. Cook
Isadore (Isaac Schlager) Nelson
Chaye Enie Rokeach Kaplan
8/19/1899, Wolen, Russia
12/28/1979, Dover, NH
4/15/1905, Russia
Lokacze, Ukraine, 5/3/1894
came to US 4/26/1929
June 9, 1960 photo
1923 Portland High Yearbook
1931 Declaration
Israel Jack Cook
Dora Nelson
Rivka Rokeach Buchman
11/23/1903, Portland, ME
12/7/1912, Portland, ME
10/3/1897, Dubno
came to US 12/28/1926
1948 photo
Robert Cook
Rose Nelson
Rose Rokeach Baumrind
11/8/1906, Sanford, ME
11/3/1992, New Rochelle, NY
2/13/1916, Portland, ME
8/1/1990, Portland, ME
7/15/1901 Lokacze, Ukraine
came to US 3/30/1928
1948 photo
1933 Portland High Yearbook
1931 Petition for Naturalization
Maurice W. Cook
6/23/1909, Maine
11/15/1966, NY
1938 photo
David Cook
1914, Maine

Nelson Family in Poland

Nelson siblings in Ukraine circa 1906-1910. Per Molly Cinamon:
Sarah (b: 10/6/1900) is in lower right. Taube is top center. Etta (b: 4/5/1893) is probably at top right.
The other woman and two children might be the sister Anna and her 2 kids.
From the collection of Molly Cinamon.
stamp on reverse:
R. Sh. Bregman or Hersh Bergman
Horokhiv (Gorokhov), Volyn Gubernia
Negatives are saved
BTS note: Horokhiv (Gorokhov) is about 20 miles South of Lokachi

Sunday, Aug 19, 2018, email from Ann Baumrind to Barbara Stack, cited with Ann's permission:

My mother always remembered her step grandmother with deep affection and referred to her as her grandmother to outsiders.  My mother and her sisters called her “Bubbeh”, as Toby expected.  My mother always said that Toby worshipped the ground our great grandfather walked on, even though he was much older than she was.  She was an exceptional woman, as I’m sure you know!

Bessie Pesha Miriam Nelson born October 30, 1869; died October 30, 1919, Sanford, Maine.
Michael Cook Collection.

Joseph Hirsch Nelson 1876-1963
Joseph Hirsch Zvi Schlager Nelson 1876-1963 From the collection of Dorothy Chase Millman gifted to Richard Thorner.

1923 Portland High Yearbook. Isadore Nelson (born Isaac Schlager)

1924 Daughter of Joseph Hersh Nelson Annie Stairman Portland
1924: Portland: Marriage of daughter of Joseph Hersh Nelson, Annie Nelson, and Morris Stairman. Anne Thorner Stack collection.

1931: Chaye Enie Rokeach

1931: Rose Rokeach

1933 Portland High Yearbook. Rose Nelson

July 26, 1942: Wedding of Ann Barbara Buchman and Manuel Wertheimer: L to R, Front:
Samuel Buchman, Rivka Rokeach Buchman, Chaim Buchman, Ronnie Buchman. Marlynn Wertheimer Dorff collection.

Eddie Miroff Bar Mizvah, Portland 1956
circa 1956: From left top row: Dave Kates, Hazel Brenneman, David Finkelman, Tela Millman, Jerry & Lois Chase, Dave & Dottie Millman, Joe Robinson, Irving & Esther Robinson
From left middle row: Anne Stairman (daughter of Joseph Nelson), Dick & Jan Chase, son of Hazel Brenneman (name unknown), Etta Chase, Rose Chandler, Anne Robinson Leman, Molly Finkelman, Molly Cook, Rose Robinson?, Sadie & Sam Cook
Front: Irving & Bertha Thorner
circa 1956, Eddie Miroff Bar Mitzvah, Portland from collection of Molly Cinamon

May 29, 1966: Wedding of Marlynn Wertheimer and Elliot Dorff : parents of the bride, Rivka Rokeach Buchman and Chaim Buchman. Marlynn Wertheimer Dorff collection.

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