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Photos (c) 2018 Marjorie Chandler
Digital Photo Restorations (c) 2018, 2019, 2020 Barbara Toby Stack

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Zvi Hirsch Filler, father of Rose Filler, et al. From negative, probably made in US from print.
There is a print of this image on p14 of Joe's album, and the reverse carries the name Zvi Filljar

1899-1905 circa: Chana Filler, Rose Filler's sister Shmuel Filler, a brother, and his wife Mindel Ering
Studio: Leonard in Lutzk (in Russian). Lutsk, Ukraine, is 45.5 mi SE of Kovel

1907 circa, Portland, Maine: Rose Filler and brother, Hyman. Joe & Marjorie Chandler collection.
This was probably taken in same session at E.R. Smith, 257 ½ Middle St. as this one of Becky & Rose

1910 Circa: Becky Nelson. This beautiful photo was unknown to Becky's descendants. Original size: postcard.

1914 circa Isaac Filler, Rose Filler Chandler's brother. Joe & Marjorie Chandler collection.

1916 circa. Beryl Filler's son Isaac became Irving became Ving Fuller.

1917 07-28 Rose Filler Ziblatt & Mabel Wuraftick
July 28, 1917
sisters Rose Filler Ziblatt (b 1901-04) & Mabel Filler Wuraftic. (b 1902). Note that Mabel is wearing the too-large jacket which matches Rose's skirt.


1919, Portland Maine: Isadore Robinson (son of Abraham Robinson & Nellie Spegelman). Joe & Marjorie Chandler collection.
This photo also appears on the Robinson photo page.

Beryl Filler & Nathan Chandler
1920 circa: Beryl (Benjamin) Filler and Nathan Chandler
Sam Fuller was Beryl Filler's son
A Fuller Life: The Sam Fuller Documentary – Trailer; Directed by his daughter, Samantha Fuller
New Book: Samuel Fuller - Jusqu'à l'épuisement, by Frank Lafond, includes this photo on p13:

1921 Mel Thorner, Becky Nelson Thorner's youngest.

1927, Portland, Maine: Joe Chandler. Joe & Marjorie Chandler collection.

July 25, 1927, Old Orchard Beach, Maine: Lou Chandler and Rose Chandler with "Spirit of St. Louis"

Joe Chandler and Old Glory
September, 1927: Old Orchard Beach: Joe Chandler and "Old Glory"

1928, Portland, Maine, Monument Street School: Joseph Seigal as “Jack-in-the-Box"
This photo also appears in Dearest Rachel.

3/23/1929, Portland, Maine Death of Rosie Cohen. (nee Ester Rachel Arkenberg).
Herman's father was Nachman Wolf Cohen. His mother was Fayga Shlager.

1929-30 circa. Lou Chandler, son of Nathan and Rose.

1938, Philadelphia: Nathan, Rose, and Harold Chandler
At Medical School Graduation
This photo also appears in Dearest Rachel.

Top row: L to R: Jake Robinson, Minnie & Max Cook (Minnie died 1/6/1941).
Bottom, L to R: Sarah Nelson Schwartz, Rose Nelson Robinson, Becky Nelson Thorner, Etta Nelson Chase. Joe & Marjorie Chandler collection.

Late 1930s: Front: Molly Schwartz Cinamon;
Middle row L to R: Max Cook, mystery 1, mystery 2, Sarah Nelson Schwartz;
Top row L to R: Jake Robinson, Rose Nelson Robinson, mystery 3 (Becky?), mystery 4, mystery 5. Joe & Marjorie Chandler collection.
This photo also appears on the Nelson page along with another shot the same day from Anne Stack's collection.

Nathan Chandler Time Mag
March 3, 1941 circa, Portland: Joe Chandler's father, Nathan Chandler (1890-1966).

circa 1941: probably East Grand Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, Maine: Elaine Chandler and Rose Chandler.



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