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Female Lines

November 30, 1996
Carl Loeb interview of Bessie Robinson Loeb Bondy


the old country their name was Yecht (9 seconds) NEW on YouTube

Yecht and Robinson and Filler Families
are one family

Shlager, Lokacze, Volhynia, Ukraine
The Yechts Were Chassids
also Nelson, Resnick, Robinson, Cook, Chandler, Filler, Schiff, Cahn/Cohen, Lapides, etc.
My great grandmother
Taube Yecht Shlager Nelson Sacknoff
(1863-38 Lokacze, Ukraine to 1932 Maine)

Yecht Family Matrices (Family Groups)

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Joe Chandler's Dearest Rachel
November 30, 1996 Carl Loeb interview of Bessie Robinson Loeb Bondy Transcript

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Genealogies Cook, Nelson, Robinson, Chandler, Filler, Cohen
Matrix Matrices Nelson, Yecht, Robinson, Filler
Names Yecht, Nelson, Toby Yecht Names
Geography Lokacze, Kiselin, and Kovel, Vladimir-Volinskiy District, Volhynia Province, Ukraine, Documents
Photos Cook, Nelson, Robinson, Chandler, Joe Chandler's Photo Album, Avram Michel Nelson & Rachel Yecht Family Photos, Etta Nelson Chase, Filler, Mystery, European Mystery photos, Anne Stack 1, Anne Stack 2,
Female Lines  
Stories Joe Chandler's Dearest Rachel, Joe Chandler's Dearest Rachel Illustrated, Anne Stack Remembrance, 1996 11-30 Bessie Robinson Loeb Bondy Film Transcript
Novel Perspectives My 70th Birthday Party, Yecht Family Gatherings, The Yechts Were Chassids, Joe Chandler's recipes, Yecht Family Perspectives
Smith Street Cemetery ver 1, ver 2, Mount Carmel Cemetery ver 1, ver 2



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